Amy V. Strong, Sc.D.

Life Strategist and Professional Problem Solver

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The word “strategy” comes from the Greek for “the art of the general.” In the military, a strategic plan clearly identifies the Commander’s Intent, or what the General’s mission and objectives are for her troops. In business, a strategic plan does much the same. Leaders create strategic plans to build their vision, set their intentions, and get stuff done.

I’ve spent the past 20 years solving problems, planning strategies, and building vision for the highest levels of government, military, and the private sector. As a life strategist, I take the art of the strategic plan out of war rooms and board rooms, and into your life. After all, aren’t you the “Commander” of your own life?

I founded The Solver Space because I believe you can leverage the power of a life strategy to solve problems and build the life you want. I’ll listen to your fears, obstacles, goals, and dreams. Together we will co-create a pathway and solution that serves you.

So, what problem are you solving today?

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