Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is life strategy coaching and why do I need it anyway??

Coaching is a way for you to partner with a trained professional in a thought provoking and creative process to design your desired future and help you with transitions (in life or business). In coaching, you are the expert in your life and/or work. Our role is to encourage your self-discovery, elicit your solutions, and hold you accountable to your own plan.

+ Is everything I say to my coach confidential?

Absolutely. Coaches are bound by our profession’s ethical guidelines to keep all information completely confidential. The only case in which this does not apply is in legal matters. Coach-client relationships are not subject to the same laws of nondisclosure that attorney-client relationships are.

+ How is coaching different from therapy?

We really like the Filling the Hole versus Climbing the Mountain analogy from The Growing Self group in Denver, adapted here:

Filling the Hole When people are feeling really bad, they are in “the hole.” They may be struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, intense emotions, painful relationships, or addictive behaviors. (Sometimes even all at the same time). When you’re in this place it can be very difficult to take action and have it be successful. You might feel helpless, trapped, and have no idea how to help yourself feel better. When you are in “the hole” you really need the compassionate support of a highly trained therapist, not a coach.

Climbing the Mountain Sometimes though, people feel generally okay, and are simply interested in changing their circumstances and improving their outcomes. They feel strong enough to start making changes, and begin “climbing the mountain” that leads them to greater success. The work of this stage involves designing their new life, and figuring out how to make their dreams a reality. A good coach will help you get clarity about what your mountain looks like, and all the actual day-by-day steps you need to take to get to the top. Then they’ll support and encourage you as you walk up it. If you feel you need a therapist more than a coach at this point in your life, please still reach out to us. We’ve been there too, and we’d like to help you find a therapist who suits your needs.

+ What do I need to do before my first session?

We have a questionnaire for you to fill out that tells us a little more about you and what you’re trying to accomplish. We ask that you fill that out and submit it 1-2 days before your first appointment. Other than that, just show up ready to grow!

+ What do I need to bring to my sessions?

It helps to prepare for each session by clearing your calendar as well as the physical space in front of you, putting your phone on mute, and avoiding multitasking while you’re on your call. You might want to have a notebook and pen with you to jot down ideas, but your coach will send you a summary of the session afterwards if you prefer not to take notes.

+ What if I start coaching and just don’t like it?

We haven’t met a client yet who doesn’t like coaching! But if this happens to you, you can cancel any automatic payment plan at any time. If you purchased sessions in bulk, we would be happy to give you a refund for the prorated total for your remaining sessions.

+ What will we even talk about during our session?

The short answer is whatever you want. We will never push you on a topic you are uncomfortable about. Your sessions are to help you pursue what you want to discuss and work on.

+ What is the cancellation policy?

If we have to reschedule a session with more than 48 hours notice, we will contact you directly to reschedule and you will get 50% off your session. If we have to reschedule with less than 48 hours notice, your session will be free. If you have to reschedule a session with more than 48 hours notice, please contact us immediately at or 504.232.3885 so we can help you reschedule. If you have to reschedule with less than 48 hours notice, your session will be automatically billed at the agreed rate. You can cancel any automatic payment plan at any time.

+ Can I give coaching as a gift?

Absolutely! Contact us to find out how to buy a package of sessions to give to a friend or family member.