Do you stare at your calendar every day, wondering how you’re going to cram more into it? You want more for yourself, but no time whatsoever to even think about where to start, much less actually GET STARTED? Do you ever feel like you could accomplish so much SOLID THINKING AND PLANNING if you just put aside one whole day to do it?

What if you made that time for yourself, AND you got an expert in strategic planning and problem solving to do it with you?

Well, that’s what a Solving Day is.

You get to spend a full day in a private immersion session with your very own strategist (that’s me!) right by your side. We will set up your big dreams and then co-create a strategic plan to fully and satisfyingly accomplish those dreams in real life.

My approach is entirely client-focused and wholehearted. I fully enfranchise clients in their sessions to ensure their solutions are authentic and intrinsic. Totally “you,” totally doable.

She is the eyeglasses for your soul to see better with.

Solving Days are an opportunity for private time with me, your personal strategist, without the $10,000 price tag that strategists charge for this sort of thing. 

What will we do?

I create a customized agenda for every client’s Solving Day, but at the very least, for one full day, we'll delve into: 

  • Your personal philosophy and beliefs about your life purpose (no biggie);

  • Your mission statement and vision for your life as you see it;

  • Your goals for the next 6 months to 5 years;

  • The objectives and actions it will take to realize those goals;

  • The resources, assets, and support you will need to accomplish your dreams; and

  • A fully integrated timeline in which to accomplish them.

And after you leave, you have the opportunity to continue in one-on-one coaching with me as you move into implementation mode.

We are going to find your dreams and put them right into your daily planner, friend.  

The financial investment for a Solving Day is $1600 and includes:

  • Your pre-assessment;

  • One full day of in-person life strategy coaching;

  • Meals, snacks, and drinks;

  • Supplies and swag; and

  • Your fully integrated, 1- to 5-year Life Strategy

I require all of my one-on-one coaching clients to complete a Solving Day before they begin long-term coaching with me. Here’s a post that explains why.

So, if you're interested in coaching with me, let’s get solving!

Horizontal Solving Days

What if I can’t do a whole day?

In case you can’t carve out a whole day to dedicate to building your life, I also offer Horizontal Solving Days, which can be two 4-hour sessions OR four 2-hour sessions via Zoom. Horizontal Solving Days are designed for people who would rather work on their life strategy over time, rather than all in one day. The cost is the same, and the goals, outcomes and Life Strategy products are the same.